Droves of businesses and home owners are switching over to LED lighting. When it comes to lighting options for your home and office it is very hard to go past LED. Not only is LED (light emitting diode) a very cost effective solution, it is extremely energy efficient. With the advances in technology moving at such a fast pace, it is no wonder that they’re now found across every hardware store and lighting retailer in Australia.

If you’ve currently got halogen or fluorescent lighting and are considering making the switch to LED, we’ve put together a detailed list for you of some of the biggest reasons to upgrade your lighting and just why LED lighting is so popular.


LED lights are built to last

The unsurpassed longevity of LED bulbs – they have an operational life of up to 50,000 hours. This is about 25 times longer than your traditional halogen bulb. It is even up to 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb which will only last around 10,000 hours. When an LED is ready to be replaced – it will begin to emit a slightly lower output of light, which will make it less bright, whereas a traditional bulb will generally burn out and stop working straight away.


Energy efficiency

The incredible efficiency of an LED light is estimated to run at around 82 – 90% compared to traditional light fittings. What this means is that around 80% of the electrical energy that is generated and sent through the light is converted into light, which means only 20% is lost to heat, etc. With a normal incandescent bulb it is the opposite where 80% of the energy generated is lost through heat and other factors whilst 20% is used to generate the light. 


Super low maintenance

As LEDs have such a long lifespan, they don’t need to be changed as often. You can imagine especially in commercial settings or public places such as bus stations where access to change lighting is difficult, there are significant time and cost savings. The commercial maintenance crews required to change bulbs would be decidedly less. All commercial businesses should be looking to upgrade where possible.


Resilience and durability

Who wouldn’t want to buy the toughest electrical product in the market? LEDS are built to last and withstand rugged conditions with their hardwearing components. This means they can be adapted to even the harshest of extreme conditions such as cold or heat. They are very resistant to vibration and shock thus making them a top choice over other lighting options, as they’re far less likely to become damaged or broken in high traffic areas.


Environmentally friendly lighting choice

Many fluoroscent bulbs contain mercury and other toxic substances that are very damaging to our environment, not to mention a risk to our families and employees. LED lights don’t emit UV rays and are generally free of any harsh chemicals or toxicities. These days people are always looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint – LEDS lights are 100% recyclable. Meanwhile fluoro bulbs are headed to landfill. As LED lights are so durable, one LED light will do the job of around 20 – 30 incandescent bulbs over its lifetime. That is going to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill and save the environment by using less materials.


Instant brilliance

When you flick the switch, your LED bulb will instantly illuminate – this is a greater advantage especially when it comes to large infrastructure projects and commercial projects such as rail signals and traffic lights. The efficiency of the fixture is also not affected by turning the light on and off unlike traditional bulbs where it can reduce the operational life of the globe. Who remembers their mother screaming to ‘stop turning the lights on and off.’


Low Voltage Operation

LEDS can operate under very low voltage such as a 10W. Compare this to a general bulb which requires a minimum wattage of 50W. With an advantage like this it means outside LED lights can be connected and operate well with a solar power source. They also produce very little heat and do not become hot to the touch. This means they can be safely used in lighting food displays and other commercial applications to increase safety.


All the colour options of the rainbow

While the most popular LED lighting colour option is white, there is actually a vast array of brilliant colour options available. Many LED light module have three different colours of white – daylight, warm white and cool white. Not to mention there are multi-coloured options with an RGB module ( red, blue and green LEDs module) which can give you a complete rainbow of colours.


Lighting distribution

Most people do not even consider how to design a lighting plan. With the ability of the LED light to focus on one point without the use of a traditional reflector, contemporary lighting systems are able to deliver lighting more efficiently and safely. This gives the end user better control over their light distribution.


Compact end result

Due to the fact that LEDS are so energy efficient and produce very little heat, they’re able to be manufactured a lot smaller than traditional options. Some LED bulbs are as small as 2.5mm. This means they can be used in small compact areas and still have an excellent result.

Clearly LED lights are the way of the future. Whether you’re concerned with reducing your carbon footprint, or just simply reducing your energy bill and less maintenance – LED lights offer a complete lighting solution that is safer and smarter for lighting up your home, office or business premises. So, if you haven’t started yet, take the first step and start replacing your old bulbs today.

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