Underground electrical cables are becoming more popular these days due to the fact that it is a much cleaner look. No one wants to be looking at messy cables, let alone the fact that your overhead cables can be easily damaged due to storms or accidents.

The qualified electricians at Arrow Power are experts in their field in Sydney and can install your power underground or overhead.

If you are a business owner or homeowner in Sydney looking to get your underground or overhead electrical service upgrade or installed, you will need the services of a Level 2 electrician.

Over 90% of all Australian homes have their power supply serviced by an overhead service cable. New developments being built are generally now serviced by underground power cables. Many people looking to optimise the street value of their home or business will look to upgrade their overhead service to underground cables.

We are strong believers in safety and attention to detail. Especially when it comes to our residential and commercial customers – attention to detail is absolutely paramount. We’ve trained our team to provide the highest level of finish available on all our electrical services. They will give you an honest opinion on the services you require.

In order to determine whether you want overheads or undergrounds, you may want to read on to find out why there is such a difference.


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An overhead service cable is where the electricity supply comes in from the overhead powerlines on the street network pole to your house or business, either directly or via a private power pole. It is comprised of conductors and is suspended by poles. The overhead service cable has the capacity to carry the electrical energy over very long distances.

Overhead powerline service cables can be either three-phase or single phases, which depends on the property’s electrical requirements. The cables normally range from 100 amps service to 400 amps. A basic home would generally only need three-phase if putting in new air-conditioning or a pool or running a large number of appliances.

It’s becoming common that larger homes these days are upgraded to three-phase supply to service their electricity needs and to spread the demand over three phases instead of one single phase. This will help to ensure there are no overloading issues with their power down the track. Both options can only be installed by a licensed Level 2 Electrician who specialises in overhead electrical work. Feel free to reach out and contact the team at Arrow Power to help you decide what is the best option for your home or commercial business premises.

The qualified electricians at Arrow Power are experts in their field in Sydney and can certainly upgrade your consumer mains, repair your consumer mains and upgrade to three phase power.

If you are a business owner or homeowner in Sydney looking to get your consumer mains service upgraded or installed to a new property, you will need the services of a Level 2 electrician.


Similar to the overhead service cable, an underground consumer main gets its power from the street power supply. The main difference is that the cables run underground rather than overhead. For new subdivisions, new suburbs, and in some areas of the Sydney CBD, an underground electrical system is mandatory.

Underground consumer mains can also be single-phase or three-phase. More often than not underground electrical services may not be suitable for your property. This could be for a number of reasons such as distance, obstacles in the way such as a driveway, or difficult access. If you’re considering an upgrade to underground consumer mains, it is easiest to contact us for a quote to see what your options are.



here are a number of different ways you can convert from overhead power lines to underground power. One of the most popular ways is by running the overhead cables via a private pole that then runs the cables underground to your switchboard. Another way of converting the overhead power from the street is by running what is called a UGOH (Underground to Overhead) service line from the street pole. This will need to be completed by a level one electrician.

Situations where you want or need to get your power installed underground can include:

When you are knocking down your old house to build a new dwelling you will need to get a Level 2 Electrician to come and disconnect your power. They will submit a Notification of Service Work (NOSWA) with the relevant electricity authority. They can then set you up with temporary site power for your builder (also known as temporary builders supply) on a temporary site board.

Once your new house is built they will then provide a new connection and new electricity meter from your provider of choice and connect your power up. The POA could be run from either underground or overhead cables depending on your budget, your location, and how you want it to be set up. At the planning stage, many people will choose to get a new private pole and undergrounds to maximise the street appeal of their new house.

If you’re installing a new roof on your home or having repairs done to your roof, quite often you will need a Level 2 ASP to come and either make the high voltage lines safe for works with tiger tails or to move the point of attachment whilst install or repairs are done. This can also be true if you require work on the fascia of your house.

When access to your backyard is needed to install your new pool, you will often need to get your service lines moved. This is to give access to the excavator which will be digging out the backyard. As you can imagine it is very dangerous to be operating big machinery where there are power lines in the way! So your electrician will re-locate the point of attachment whether it is temporarily disconnected to allow works to be done, or permanently relocated, and it can be a good time to look at permanently moving your power underground at the same time.



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We recently used Luke from Arrow Power for all our electrical work in our office. Extremely competitive prices and well thought out detailed quotation that advised us of all our expected costs. Very reliable and by far the best tradesman I have come across. Thanks you so much I would definitely refer you to my family and friends and will call again next time we need more electrical work done at home or work.

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Great service, technician was brilliant. Was a rainy day, took great care to ensure no dirt or water came inside the house. True professionals and would recommend without hesitation.


five stars arrowpower

Great company, great service arrow was on time, they explained the job in detail
I used arrow for a new complete fit out in a showroom Luke and his team are awesome

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After getting a quick quote i received a phone call from Victoria in a quick time to organise a visit from Luke and Nick who were very upfront on what was required and my possible options. This level of professionalism is what I value in dealing with a company to ensure a safe and long term solution.

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I rang Arrow Power for advice re moving my Electricity Pole and power line, as I had large trees causing an issue. They quickly emailed me back with a free quote, much cheaper than I expected. The next easy step was a technician coming to my place for onsite expert advice and to organize the work. Which was carried out promptly. Was very happy with the whole experience.