What do we need to do if we want to subdivide in Sydney?

If you want to subdivide your land for residential, commercial or industrial development, and perhaps also install embedded generation (solar), we recommend that you make a preliminary enquiry with us if you’re unsure about the electrical requirements for your subdivision.

The provision of adequate electrical infrastructure to enable supply of electricity and public lighting to all the lots in the proposed subdivision is essential.

When you’re looking to get a new electrical connection to your subdivision in Sydney there are several steps you will need to take. This article will assist landowners who plan to subdivide, whether it is a small two lot subdivision or a much larger project. It will outline the general procedures, requirements and potential costs involved in providing new electrical reticulation to and within subdivisions.

The local council will require you to lodge a subdivision application, a development application and building application, depending on the scope of your proposal. Your local council may also impose conditions of consent, which must be met before development can proceed.




In most cases the first condition of consent in your Development Approval (DA) will be that you obtain a Notification of Arrangement (NOA) from your electricity network authority. In NSW the three network providers are Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy.


What is a Notification of Arrangement?

The Notification of Arrangement (NOA) is the proof from your network authority provider that indicates you have made the necessary arrangements to provide electrical services to your development, and that you have met the costs and any other servicing requirements identified by the energy authority. Basically it means that you have an approved plan on how everything will be connected.

The NOA only gets granted once all requirements of the network authority provider have been satisfied. Once you have met all the local council conditions of consent, you will be able to register your subdivision plan with the Land Titles Office and proceed with your development.


Steps for getting your electrical subdivision

1. Application

You will need to complete and send in the relevant application form to your energy network authority. The applicable administration fee will also need to be paid when submitting the application.

Once your application is received the network will investigate if works need to be constructed to service your proposal, what admin, design and connection service charges apply and what other requirements (if any) will need to be met


2. Determination of Method of Supply

Where the investigation shows that there are requirements for electrical connection works, the network authority will issue a Supply Offer. This supply offer will specify what will need to be done before an NOA can be issued.

If the investigation shows that there are no requirements, an NOA can be issued immediately on receipt of your plan of subdivision.


3. Connection works requirements

Each lot in a subdivision needs to have a frontage to the distribution network connection point without encroachment on other properties. You must be very careful of easements. Private service mains within easements or joint service arrangements are strictly forbidden unless prior approval is granted by the network authority. This would be very difficult to get approved, so keep in mind at the planning stage, you need to be aware of any and all easements on your property.


For extensions/augmentations to the electrical network authority’s network, you will need to engage ASPs to complete the works required:

  • electrical network design – A Level 3 ASP to design the systems required and submit to the energy network authority for certification. Ancillary service fees are charged for the design information/project definition needed by the designer and to certify the drawing
  • electrical network construction – A Level 1ASP to build the works in accordance with the certified design. An authority network contractor inspector will need to ensure the works are constructed as designed and are to a quality which meets up to the energy networks standard, and the applicable fees are charged for the ancillary services provided
  • Establishing final connection of end use customers for each lot by a Level 2 ASP will only be permitted following receipt of an Application for Connection of Load and after a Permission to Connect has been issued for each lot. Your Level 2 Electrician will then assist you in finalising the network connection with your network authority. You’re then free to choose your energy retailer.




4. Request for Notification of Arrangement (NOA)

Once all the connection works requirements have been met, your network will issue a NOA. You can then provide the NOA to the local council to meet the development approval condition of consent.


5. Request for Early Notification of Arrangement (Early NOA)

In order to assist enterprising developers in reducing their overall time for finalising subdivisions, network authorities may issue an Early NOA provided all the following conditions have been met:
– have at least 80% of the electricity network (connection works) constructed
– provide a copy of the Level 1 ASP quote for the construction work for setting the value of the bond
– confirm unconditional transfer of assets to the energy network authority
– pay an early notification bond equivalent to 100% of the construction cost in the form of an unconditional bank guarantee. The network authority may use the bond to complete the actual works in the event that the developer fails to have the works completed to their satisfaction.

How much will it cost?

Costs of subdividing can be significant depending on the location, nature of the proposed development and the type and extent of works required. It is best to have a discussion with one of our experts who can assist in prior planning in order for you to get the best out of your subdivision.