Need a level 2 electrician in Blacktown to install a new power supply on your premise? At Arrow Power, we employ certified level 2 electricians so that our community has a dependable place to turn to when it comes to dealing with dangerous electrical tasks.

Being an electrician is among the most dangerous trades in Australia. Level 2 electricians are responsible for more dangerous electrical services that have a higher voltage. If you need a level 2 electrician, give our team a call on 02 96561858 today.


You may be wondering, what is the difference between a level 2 electrician and a normal electrician? The main difference is that level 2 electricians are certified to handle wires that connect a premise to an electrical supply, such as powerlines. Level 2 electricians are trained to deal with higher voltage wires that have a higher fatality rate. The training to handle these wires is vicarious and only the most skillful of electricians are certified to deal with this kind of electrical service.

A level 2 electrician is authorised to maintain, repair, and install overhead and underground electrical cables that connect a premise to an electrical supply If the individual were to be ill-equipped to handle these high voltage cables, the ramifications could be devastating. For this reason, the training required to become a level 2 electrician is extensive and requires multiple rounds of examinations to ensure that the individual is able to handle these services. The consequences for people who don’t have the right training commonly result in death.

When you see a bird sitting on powerlines, a common misconception is that the rubber surrounding a power chord is sufficient in insulating the flow of electricity. This is severely wrong. Birds are not electrocuted when they sit on a power line because they do not come into contact with the ground. If a human were to touch a power-line while in contact with the ground, they will be electrocuted and will likely die. A common cause of death by powerlines is accidentally erecting a steel ladder into an overhanging cable.

Arrow Power Electrical Services offers the following Level 2 (ASP) Electrician services:

  • Class 2A – Service line disconnect and reconnect.
  • Class 2B – Work on underground service conductors.
  • Class 2C – Work on overhead service conductors.
  • Class 2D – Installing metering for meter types 5 to 6 and other Network Operator service equipment.
  • Provide power upgrades.
  • Tiger Tails for power lines.
  • Relocate and upgrade switchboards.
  • Relocate and upgrade service/consumers cables.
  • Connect, upgrade, disconnect and reconnect metering.
  • Installation and connection of private poles.
  • Provide temporary power supply.
  • Conduct necessary live work and testing.


There are several jobs that may need you to call a Level 2 Electrician in Blacktown. You can find out more information about these by clicking on each of the links. These jobs include:

  • Consumer mains upgrade
  • New private power pole installation
  • Overhead or undergrounds mains upgrade
  • Switchboard upgrade
  • New consumer mains
  • Three-phase power upgrade
  • Move or re-attach your point of attachment
  • Rectify an electrical defect notice
  • Consumer mains upgrade
  • Temporary builders supply
  • Disconnect / reconnect

We are strong believers in safety and attention to detail. Especially when it comes to commercial fit-out – attention to detail is absolutely paramount. We’ve trained our team to provide the highest level of finish available on all our electrical services. A luxury product has a luxury output so we only choose to use the best possible brands in our builds and fit-outs.

Arrow Power is proud to have completed a large number of projects involving multiple sites, heritage sites, industrial sites, hazardous areas, high voltage, and dangerous works. That is why we have committed to having a safety management system that is ISO certified to AS/NZS ISO 4001 and AS/NZS ISO 9001. We are proud NECA members. The company is fully compliant with health and safety and environmental policies, providing a safe environment to work for all employees on every project.

Contact our Level 2 Blacktown electricians today.