How to get power to a granny flat?

Are you a homeowner or business owner looking to get power connected to your granny flat, power connected to your shed, or secondary dwelling?

Arrow Power are certified Level 2 Electricians and can get your power connected by running the power lines, making necessary changes to the meter box, and getting everything ready for a new meter to be installed with Level 2 Electrical work.

Arrow Power and their team have been servicing Sydney and providing power to granny flats and secondary dwellings since 2017. Our team of Sydney electricians have a combined experience in providing power and electrical services for over 50 years.


What is a granny flat meter?

Did you know you can get a seperate meter for the power going to your granny flat? This is called a granny flat meter. Your level 2 service provider will be able to provide a seperate circuit for the power connecting your secondary dwelling. Your energy retailer can then provide a second meter.

Things and benefits to consider when getting a granny flat meter:
– it will make things easier for you
– depending on your council area and the granny flat building process, it may be necessary by law to have a seperate meter for the extra dwelling
– it will reduce the potential for disputes or arguments
– it can remove you from the higher power consumption bracket and potentially save you money


Why should I get a seperate electricity meter?

If you are a homeowner with extra space, splitting your home into a duplex or dual living space, turning your garage into a living space, or adding a granny flat out the back can be a very worthwhile investment. When you do add a retreat or expand, you also need to make sure all of the electrical wiring has been seperated.

A seperate electricity meter for your cabana or secondary dwelling is definitely worth the cost! If you decide to rent out your dual living space at a later stage, there will be no arguments over the power use, and can make potential renters feel safer and more in control of their costs.

Getting a seperate electricity meter can also increase the value of your property if you decide to sell as then it could be classed as a dual income property.




How we connect power to your granny flat

Once you decide on where you’re planning to install your building in the backyard, it is best to call a level 2 electrician and get them to advise on the best options of how to connect power to your granny flat. There are two ways which this can be done:

1. Overhead connection from the street
Your level 2 electrician can run power from the street directly to your extra dwelling via an overhead service. This is generally the most popular way to connect power to the granny flat as it is most likely the cheapest way. They will attach a bracket to the roof of fascia of the granny flat and connect the power into the switchboard. A regular electrician can then run the circuits inside the new space.

2. Underground connection from the street
Your level 2 electrician can install a private pole in the desired location then excavate to bury the wires underground and run them to the new switchboard or green meter box. This way of underground power to your granny flat is generally the most visually pleasing way to install as you can’t see the wires and they don’t get in the way of play areas, gardens, trees, fencing, etc

Once the connection is run from the street either overhead or underground to your new switchboard, your energy retailer will provide you with a new meter for the granny flat or ‘granny flat meter’ so all electricity supply is then run seperate.