Every year, several houses are burnt to the ground due to faulty electrical wiring in Australia. Therefore, poor wiring is not a laughing matter as it can result in loss of property, acute injury, and even death. You can save yourself and your loved ones from a world of troubles by spotting electrical problems before they cause irreparable damage.

Here is a list of 7 telltale signs that will warn you about the faulty wiring in your home. Although some of them are easy to fix on your own, calling in a level 2 electrician is the safest way of rectifying electrical problems.


1. Frayed wiring

Electrical wires can get worn or damaged due to pests, age, and even amateur electricians. Therefore, it is necessary to call an expert electrical contractor in the services of a routine inspection of your house’s electrical wiring. 

A casual approach when you notice broken or frayed wiring can result in sparking, fires, and electrical shock. Also, if chewed wires are common phenomena at your place, we suggest contacting pest control services too.


2. Warm electrical outlets

Ideally, all switches and outlets must be cool when connecting various devices. However, when an electrical outlet is not wired correctly, the switch plate is warm when you plug in a device. 

If you notice that the outlet has become uncomfortably hot, turn off the power and immediately unplug all the devices connected to it. Once done, ask an electrician to come and have a look at it. In the meantime, use another outlet for your devices.


3. Frequent tripping

Circuit breakers are designed to shut down when your home electrical circuits experience an overload. This is common and indicates the circuit breaker is functioning well. Just switch it back and carry on with your tasks. But if this happens quite often, it points to an underlying wiring problem that must be fixed. 

The most likely cause for circuit breakers to trip is an overloaded electrical outlet. Do not leave things to chance as an overloaded electrical circuit can result in a fire. So be smart and seek the help of a professional electrician to check your home’s electrical installation.


4. Flickering lights

It is not uncommon to notice dimming or flickering of lights. If this is limited to a single light bulb, then changing it usually makes the problem go away. On the other hand, if the flickering and dimming occur in multiple light fixtures, it indicates a more profound problem like a bad electrical connection.

Dimming of lights can also be caused when the lights and heavy appliances are connected to the same circuit. This happens because large appliances like washing machines tend to draw more power when they heat or cool. 

Call an electrician to set up a dedicated line for all the major appliances you use in your home and check the old wirings for getting around this issue.



5. Sparking

As electricity runs through the entire home system, it is common to notice a small spark when you plug in a device. However, there are situations where sparking in electrical appliances is not a good sign. 

If a fuse box, breaker panel, or electrical outlet is causing the sparking, call an emergency electrician right away.

Some of the potential reasons for the sparking are water seeping into an electrical outlet, loose connections, old wirings, and short circuits.


6. Aluminum wiring

At present, copper wirings are considered to be the most conductive and reliable material for electrical wiring. Although this was not always the case. In the 1960s and 70s, aluminum wiring was most often as it was cheap. This is no longer considered safe as it corrodes when it comes in contact with copper and tends to loosen over time.

The loose connections are a fire hazard as they can get overheated when large electrical appliances are plugged into it.

To avoid such a situation, hire a professional who can provide you with a feasible solution.


7. Foul odor

Finally, if you detect a strange burning smell emancipating from any wiring at your home, it is a big red flag and time to call an emergency electrician. The situation can escalate rapidly, considering that the fire damage has already begun. 

The smell is similar to that of burning plastic, and it indicates that the wires have started to melt. 



Having poor electrical wiring puts you at a higher risk of shocks and electrical fires. So, if you want to ensure the safety of your home, be on guard for the signs mentioned above.

Also, if you find yourself in need of expert help, do contact Arrow Power. We have the best team of level 2 electricians, commercial electrician, and emergency electrician- ready to serve your every need.